The Pharaoh’s Tomb Game Summary

Prepare for the journey of a lifetime as Pharaoh’s Tomb slots takes you on a journey with an archaeologist unearthing an ancient Egyptian tomb. The concept of ancient Egypt may be somewhat overdone, but this novel perspective truly shakes things up and provides you the opportunity to experience it in a new way. The Pharaoh’s Tomb slot machine also takes care of the game’s most vital components, giving you a real shot at winning some substantial prizes. This is ensured by three special symbols and a bonus game with multiple levels. Thus, continue reading as we discuss all of these amazing features and examine which gamers should choose Pharaoh’s Tomb slots.

Why Pharaoh’s Tomb is a hot destination in 2023

Participate via computer or mobile devices

Money-free trip to Egypt with Pharaoh’s Tomb

Huge jackpot

Win up to £1.2 million

Casino Bonus Games

opportunity to win even more

There are 20 ways to win with these chips.

Extra paylines to increase the odds

Check for Wilds and scatters.

More thrills and prizes on the reels.


Cool design

Extraordinary bonus rounds

Good on mobile £120 000 jackpot Cons

Bonus round difficult to win to the maximum

Not suitable for everyone

No free games

Important Pharaoh’s Tomb Features Examined

Despite the size of the payout, it is not the largest in Pharaoh’s tomb online slots.

With the Pharaoh’s Tomb online slot, there are five reels and twenty paylines. So, there is no doubt that this is a modern video slot machine game. Up to twenty coins can be wagered each line, with coin sizes ranging from £0.01 to £1.00. Hence, while you can wager £0.20 per line, the maximum wager is a staggering £400! Whether you are a penny pincher or a high roller, the betting options in Pharaoh’s Tomb slots will work for you.

Let’s begin our exploration of the special features by examining the wild Pharaoh symbol. Wild symbols are those that can substitute for other missing symbols to help build winning payline combinations. Also, whenever the Pharaoh symbol is used as a substitute, the resulting prize is always doubled!

This increases the usual jackpot for 5 Archaeologist icons in a row from 3,000 coins to 6,000 coins! And while that is a significant payoff, it is by no means the largest payout in Pharaoh’s tomb online slots. For this, the Scarab scatter symbol is required. Simply get two, three, four, or five of these on the screen simultaneously to win a prize worth 2, 5, 20, or 100 times your wager. This allows you to win up to 40,000 coins per spin!

Stunning symbols and graphic design

Even while the bonus round can result in enormous payouts, the main game is by no means inferior. Here is what you can expect from Pharaoh’s Tomb’s regular payments.

Get a payout equal to 100 times your original wager.

The Scarab emblem also serves as the bonus symbol for the Pharaoh’s Tomb slot machine. In addition to the enormous scatter bonus payouts we just mentioned, the Pharaoh’s Tomb Bonus Game is activated when three or more Scarab symbols appear on the screen. You will be presented with three distinct sarcophagi in a completely distinct pattern. Pick one of them, and if you locate a key, you will advance to the subsequent level, which operates in the same manner.

This bonus game consists of a total of three stages, and if you manage to find the key in each of them, you will win a big payoff equal to 100 times your initial wager. This is worth 40,000 coins, which is tied for the largest single payout on the Pharaoh’s Tomb slot machine for those who wager the maximum amount. Obviously, there is no assurance that you will uncover even one key, let alone all three. If you do not discover any keys, however, you will still earn a 2x consolation prize.

How much you can anticipate winning

The slot machine game Pharaoh’s Tomb has five reels, twenty paylines, with a minimum bet of £0.01 and a maximum bet of £1. Other prizes range from free spins to multipliers worth 100 times your total wager. The game’s highest prize is worth an astonishing 40,000 coins. You can also take advantage of the Free Games feature in which each symbol is replaced with the symbol with the next-highest value. The jackpot can range from £1,200 to £120,000 when the maximum wager is put. Obviously, this also relies on the size of the coin wagered. In the catacombs, you can win 200,000 coins for finding hieroglyphics and Golden Cobras, 300,000 coins for finding Jade Scarab Beetles, 400,000 coins for landing Golden Birds, and a staggering 500,000 coins for landing Pharaoh’s Tomb scatter symbols.

Clarify why you should participate in Pharaoh’s Tomb.

For Ancient Egypt enthusiasts, this would be an easy choice. But even if you aren’t as interested in archaeology or Egyptology, it’s evident why you should play Pharaoh’s Tomb: large jackpots, entertaining bonus rounds, and a maximum jackpot of £120 000.

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